One Photo Focus – October

This month’s Image for One Photo Focus is a lovely harbor shot by Michelle Lunato, I played around with various different styles and effects mostly in Light Room, before combining a few, into my final favorite. Essentially it is an Orton Effect, plus a overlay pattern and some adjustment layers. I also cleaned up the sky a little and lightly brushed in some colour to the sky. I also added more sparkles to the water line, dulled the sun burst down a touch and added a lens flare to compensate. I wanted an aged, almost painted look, without using any oil painting or water colour effects.

Below is a few of the other version I came up with;

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Including another Orton Effect, a purple sunset effect and dark sepia and a HDR effect, early morning and evening

Here is the original image

Michelle Lunato October One Photo Focus
Michelle Lunato October One Photo Focus