OWPC – Smog

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge is Smog. You would think living as close as I do to a major city, there would be plenty of smog, and you would be right………..normally. I can frequently see it in the distance, a dirty brown haze towards to city, on my way to work. However at the moment, due to weather, prevailing winds, rain? We don’t seem to have much. That meant I had to get creative.

So this is Bolte Bridge in Melbourne, I took one image into Nik Efex and added a graduated fog filter (but from the top down, not bottom up), then I added a slight grey/brown mucky tinge to it. Kind of looks like a smog haze around the bridge. Possible a little too much for Melbourne, we never get it this bad.

Bolte Bridge with Smog Haze
Bolte Bridge without Smog Haze

The other image is from the same day, slightly different angle and of course no smog.