Why do I use RAW file format?

Simply the best explanation of the benefits of shooting in RAW.

Learning to See Light

A lot has changed in technology in the last few years since I took up photography – Lightroom 3 had just been released and it was a significant improvement on the previous version.  Once I got my hands on a copy, and a book to learn how to use it, I immediately saw the benefit in shooting in RAW format.

A picture says a thousand words and the slideshow above is a great example – one image is a tiger cub playing at Melbourne zoo taken in 2010.  Its really dark and hard to see any details and back when I tried to edit it, both my skills and the software weren’t quite up to the task.  So I never bothered with working on these images.

Cue 2015 and Lightroom 6 is released.  Plus I have had many more years experienced working with the software and have invested time proper…

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