Photo Rehab Weekly Challenge, Cover Makeover – Week 14

1APhoto Rehab Weekly Challenge, Cover Makeover – Week 14 features the cover ‘The Incident at Montebello’, from P.A.Moed

“The Incident at Montebello is a historical novel based on a true event— In 1930, Italian Premier Benito Mussolini was driving through the Italian countryside with Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. when his car struck and killed a little girl, Sofia Buonomano. The Buonomano family is torn apart by Sofia’s death and is caught in a political firestorm that spreads from their village to Rome and across America and Europe. One family member, 16-year-old Isolina, witnesses the accident and recognizes Mussolini as the driver.”

I really like this book cover, artistically it ‘speaks’ to my inner Retro. Now I know there are a lot of holes in my design, car is from the wrong era, retro is from the wrong era, text, colors are quite possibly all wrong……..but to me it seemed right.

Julie Powell_Incident at Montebello