Manic Mondays

We had a wonderful 3 day weekend, thanks to the AFL Grand final……..I don’t really like football, but it now means an extra Public Holiday and a BBQ with friends…….so I do have an appreciation, I just don’t really care who wins 🙂 . The weather was stunning for the whole weekend, I really wanted to get out and shoot, but I still can’t walk too far, a few small trips on even ground. I am getting there slowly.

Anyway, my big news is that I have been very naughty again and did end up buying that 90mm Macro…….Tamron 90mm, F/2.8…… far (limited use here, remember) I really like it. Need to play more, but so far I really, really like it; lovely bokeh, image is a little ‘soft’ compared to the Nikon, perhaps that is just me?

We have a busy week coming up, with another Light Painting Workshop, a Wedding walk through, another shoot down the Peninsula, this time down Hastings way. From now until Christmas the time is really going to fly! I can honestly say no to Clients wanting to book for October, I’m booked out! November is filling up fast, wow it’s nice to feel loved, hehehehehe [Oh and it allows me to buy new toys too! 🙂 ]

Just on a side note, I woke yesterday to find out one of my pics from a challenge/projects last week, was voted as this week’s Cover Page on Melbourne’s Nikon Lovers Facebook group………isn’t that nice?

NikonI hope you all have a great week, til next time, happy snapping