One Four Challenge – October Week 1

Last month I persisted with an image I was not really happy with, I ended up with something I liked in the end; so I guess it’s all good. So for October’s One Four Challenge, by Robyn @ Captivate Me. I thought I would play with something I liked and then deconstruct certain elements of it each week. Again I want to work on the artistic elements of my photographic post processing

I really like the main focus on the tulip, so I wanted to really make it stand out

  1. Added multiple layers, I used a patterned layer which I desaturated and a brownish coloured texture layer. Blending them both into the background of the base image; using a mix of Multiply and Soft Light blending modes.
  2. Using the masking tool, I then removed some of the top layers from the area directly over the tulip.
  3. I added a gradient layer to accentuate the shadows and creaminess of the flower (Burgundy/ Yellow).
  4. Added an Artistic Filter (angle brush stroke).
  5. Finally, I added a dark brown layer and using a super soft large brush (a paint splotch actually) I removed some of the colour on and around the flower.

The final result reminds me of a tapestry, especially the background with the soft muted, darker tones adding the illusion of more flowers without showing any details.

Original Image

Til next time, happy snapping