Tuesday’s Tales from the Shoot – The Annual Family get together

As a super keen amateur photographer, I always find it amusing when people do and don’t ask you to take photos, likewise when is it acceptable to bring your camera gear to a special function; birthday, wedding, family get together?I think photographing people is a lot of fun, I really enjoy it; candid is great, but it is nice to get participation, not so much those cheesy posed shots, but the part posed part candid………portrait photographers will know what I am talking about here; they are posing but you get the in between shots…….the real person. Some people may find you casually strolling along behind their 4 year old creepy…….others think it’s fabulous to get great photos for next to nothing, if not free!

Example A……..on Sunday we had the annual Powell Family get together before Christmas. This year there are even more little tikes around; the next generation have been super busy it seems (Moth being the baby of the family, our kids are a bit younger and still have some catching up to do apparently). We took the camera gear with us, as we were thinking of dropping off for a quick shoot on the way home, if time allowed. A Niece casually mentioned to Moth that she wanted to get family portraits done, and she had seen some of the lovely posts I had done on Facebook and such, but they lived so far away from us. Moth kindly advised her to just ask, as I had all my gear in the car, next thing another Nephew asked for a few shots, then Moth’s Sisters thought it’s been a long time since we had all the gang………..next thing you know a mini garden photo shoot was all set up tripod, cameras, remotes, people being ushered here and there……it went on for awhile, mini family groups, larger extended groups, then all in together. Hey! I am not complaining, I shoot any opportunity I can……….they were embarrassed to ask me, as it was a family event and I was not being paid…..ppfftt………Family I said, no charge, and never, I mean NEVER be afraid to ask a amateur to take your photo, professional, sure maybe that’s different? But a keen amateur will shoot ANY opportunity they get. Every commented that it was nice to have all the family in the shots (yes me included) instead of someone always left out taking the photos.

Example B……I recently was invited to Little Miss B’s third Birthday party, I was really just going to stop in for a quick visit and drop of a gift, maybe grab a cuppa and a quick chat. As I had just done a professional birthday shoot for Miss B, a week before, I didn’t bother to bring the camera gear. Miss B’s Dad invited me to catch the cake demolition by the rampaging sugar induced 3-5 year old mutants, I shrugged and said I didn’t bring the camera. Dad (& possibly Mum) and some of the other guests, seemed downright unimpressed, I was actually embarrassed and speedily made my apologies and left.

Example C…..I am doing a professional Wedding shoot in a few weeks and I have heard some stories about the over bearing Aunt, Uncle or Family Friend who tries to ‘help’ out way too much and is more a hindrance than a help. They know everything about photographing and offer HELPFUL suggestions! I hope they leave their camera at home on the day…………..lol.

So now I guess I just take the gear, if I get asked I can pull it all out, if it’s not OK…..I just leave it all in the boot.

Does your family always ask you to take shots, or do they leave you alone?