Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge – Week 2, What All Well-Composed Photos have in Common

This week’s CCY Challenge is What All Well-Composed Photos have in Common

Werribee Park Mansion
This building takes up virtually all space in the image, while still leaving a sense of space
Using the Rule of Thirds, this bird is the main focal point, the slightly blurring background and the grass in for foreground gives emphasis in just how small the bird was.

The Challenge

All well-composed photos have a main subject that is instantly recognizable.  Sometimes we think we have captured our subject but there is so much “noise” in picture that it’s cluttered and distracting.

You also want your subject to tell some kind of story that will evoke emotion from your viewers.  The most powerful photos cause your viewers to feel emotion; sadness, happiness, beauty, the “ah” factor.  Leave an impact. Show us a couple examples of your work where you have a strong, easily identifiable subject.

Extra credit for Gold Star Award

Find examples of your work that illustrate these three emotions:  something that is beautiful or inspiring, something that makes you laugh, and another that makes you feel sad or melancholy.

So this week I went through my archive looking for particular images, I found a few funny ones (2 year old cake smash and the camel – what a face), and some really sweet, ‘aahh’ ones (The cat’s face and the family shot), a few awe inspiring ones of Mother Nature (sunrise silhouette & Uluru), and a couple I thought looked sort of melancholy (The boat house with no water and the guy sitting on his own, looking off image, all that space behind him, makes him look lonely).

Til next time, happy snapping……..