Manic Mondays

KISS_2Well it’s official………….it’s been very manic back here. I have not completely recovered from surgery, but I am getting there. Hectic at work followed by an early start to the silly season………..we kicked it off with a real blast from the past, Moth and I went to a KISS concert. Remember them? Yes they are still around. It was truly amazing.

KISSWe followed that up with hectic weekend with another Light painting workshop (with another late night) followed up with a trip done to Hastings, Victoria (Not England) and a morning shoot, then by lunch by the marina, another shoot and a wander around town, we even stopped by the Bittern Sunday Market. Followed by a wedding walk through. Eventually we got home and just put out feet up (after doing the grocery shopping, cooking dinner, feeding the animals, taking the bins out……….blah, blah, blah lol). I feel just as exhausted now as I did last night lol.

I’ll leave it there for now………..hope you all have a great week