Tuesday’s Tales from the Shoot – The Wedding Rehearsal

I know I have mentioned before about the BIG Wedding shoot. It is getting close, really close. On the Weekend we had a photographic walk through; where everything was located, where will everyone be sitting, various places the Bride and Groom want photos taken, what photos, who is in them etc, etc. I had previously typed up a shoot list, which I gave to the couple to go over and make any changes, I also used some images from Pinterest as inspiration, the couple had some special requests as well; nothing boring, they wanted quirky & fun!

Picnic DinnerI took my camera along as well, people think ‘yes we want photos’, but then when it comes to it, freeze……especially if they have never done a portrait shoot before, not everyone has. So I made a point of taking casual shots in places we thought looked good……….a) gives me more practice in this space, b) gives them time to get comfortable in front of the camera, c) I get to scout good spots to shoot. We set the time for approximately the same time of day as the Wedding, that way I would have an indication of what the light will be like on the day. Did I mention it is a garden Wedding?


P.S. I am starting to get really nervous now!