30 Day Photographic Challenge – Day 19, Panorama Shots

 Day 19, How to take breathtaking Panorama Shots. This is referring to ‘stitching’ them together in Photoshop, but don’t forget the Smart Phone apps that allow you to take great Panoramas as well. Here is a few I did, with at 3 three to four shots in each frame, the snow capped Mirror Lake was about 6 shots from memory.

Rye & Blairgowrie Back Beach
Rye & Blairgowrie Back Beach


Milford Sound

You can do a photo Merge in Photoshop, as he has done in the link, however I often find I can do a better job when I go manual with layers and masked out the overlapping areas. I usually find I can get a smoother consistency. In saying that my way is more frustrating lol. I often use Photoshop to merge and stack images as well.