Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge – Week 3, Always take more than one photo

So week 3 of Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge, is always take more than one photo.

This week’s challenge:

Take a series of photos of one object from at least six different angles.  You can put them in a gallery to save space on your upload.  Show the good, the bad and the ugly in your gallery.

Extra credit for Gold Star Award

On your blog post, choose the two best photos from the group, upload them at whatever size you would regularly use so everyone can see them clearly, then explain why you like them.  Did anything surprise you?

Taking Multiple images is something I have been trying to work on lately, so for this challenge I went out after work, just before sunset and took some photos of our glorious Protea in flower, and then the little sugar glider (it’s not real…….apologies for the cobwebs!)

For the sugar glider I took images from in front, to the side from underneath and from a 45% angle………..I really like the one from underneath & 45% angle!

I guess my two favourites are from 45% angle and the macro shot, I love the colour and light in the macro shot of the protea….even though a lot of the image is not in focus, I was quite close and on manual on f/1.8. I do love this lens the more I use it.

All are shot Nikon D7100, 50mm Prime, F/1.8, ISO 400 Protea 1/1250 sec, the sugar glider 1/250sec.