Imagecraft Bootcamp – Save the Throw-Away

Another week, another Imagecraft Bootcamp, this week it’s Save the Throw-away. Mitch encourages us to find that horrible throw away rubbish image (another one, well I have plenty of those – good thing I don’t actually throw them away) and using the lessons from the last few weeks see if we can fix it. If not Mitch has bravely offered to step in and help.

Here’s the challenge: find a throw-away image of your own, and go through the post-processing steps I’ve been teaching you over the past several weeks.

I am one of those people who like to try and fix everything themselves, often I get frustrated and give up, sometimes I need to walk away from an image and come back to it later. Sometimes I just walk away from an image………… that is what I went looking for, something I gave up on and now perhaps I am ready to tackle again with a new set of skills.

Original Image SOOC
Original Image SOOC
Lightroom Auto Correct
Lightroom Auto Correct
Final edit - 1 hour Lightroom
Final edit – 1 hour Lightroom

Still not 100% happy, not sure if it was worth the effort even, however when ever we play we learn, right? I’m sure if I brought it into PS I could recover more, but that’s not the point is it? I think the blues are still a little too saturated? Light on the left and dark on the right?

p.s. I never knew about the UV throwing off reflections, but I had been warned early on ONLY to buy glass, double coated, non reflective UV Protectors, so I guess I have been lucky. Mind you I have gotten to the stage where I do not use them all the time.

Til next time, happy snapping……….