Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge – Week 4, Simplicity

Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge – Week 4 the project is SimplicityThere are several ways to achieve simplicity in a photograph. The most obvious (and easiest) form is to place the subject against a neutral background like a backdrop or the sky. Backgrounds can be entirely neutral, like a solid backdrop or a cloudless sky; or they can complement the image, like a starfish on the sand. The more technical method of achieving simplicity involves focusing on the subject while ensuring the background is unfocused.Macro settings on digital cameras tend to do this automatically, as they have a narrow depth of field to begin with; the same effect can be achieved with manual adjustment. The picture taken to represent simplicity should have a clear reason that object was chosen. It should be clearly evident that that’s the reason for taking the picture. All unrelated topics shouldn’t be present. This relates to Shallow Depth of field as well, which blurs out the background and focuses on what is on the middle. -Wikipedia

Your Turn

Show us 4 to 6 photos that you have taken that are extremely simple.  Show us your un-cropped and unedited versions.  Sharpening and saturation is allowed.

Extra credit for Gold Star Award

Cropping: show us one before and after cropped simplicity photo.  Color vs. B&W: show us the same photo one color and one black and white photo.

I kept most of the edits simple, just to highlight the main subject matter. I must say I was nicely surprised with the Low Key version of the flowers………….looked fabulous.

Extra Credit Gold Star – my favorite shot of the week!

Even in this Selective B&W Image………I loved the softness, the ‘white space’ and the pop of colour for the single flower.

36 WeeksHere is the original…………..doesn’t quite POP as much in colour

OriginalTil next tim, happy snapping…………