Manic Monday

I Did it….I survived my first (and probably my last) wedding shoot! So much work, I was exhausted and in agony by the end, my knee, my back………wow give me some newborns or a hike to some secluded cover any day! My Hats off to all the Wedding Photographers, seriously you work too damn hard (for very little money)! And I have not even edited all the images! But seriously it was interesting, Moth was my assistant and we worked well together (mostly), I got some great images……..once I have edited them all I will do a post of a few. We had a bit of time up our selves before the reception, so the couple graciously allowed me some more artistic shots; at the skate park just up the road from the Reception……….there was a bunch of kids hanging around with the boards and bikes, so we told them to go for it, I got some truly great shots; here is just a taste – I promise I will post more soon.

My First issue, and bear with me on this, is when I opened up one of the cards………….it was empty! Yes! Empty, Nada, nothing at all……………my first wedding and a card failed! OMG this is a Photographers worst nightmare, I have heard of it, but have not suffered from it, until NOW………but don’t despair; this is where I love my camera, the D7100 has two card slots, one for Backup! SO I didn’t really loose anything, but that moment when my heart and jaw hit the floor. I NEVER want to feel that again. The card is only 12 months old……….apparently it’s had a little too much use? Also luckily I used the fresh cards for the wedding, this was from the reception and after party!

My Mummy to Be is coming along well, we just hit the 36 week mark, so now I am having some fun, we know it’s a boy, however I have been having a bit of fun anyway. Bubs (aka Nugget) is actually quite a tiny thing and there is not a huge belly to work with, hopefully that will change in the next few weeks.

I really do not have more more to tell, this week is all about the Wedding………editing, recovering.