Tuesday’s Tales – The Big Wedding

DSC_8225-EditWell Saturday saw the Big Fat Greek Wedding (No Greeks and I think I was the only fat one lol), but on a serious note; it was the perfect day. We arose to barely a cloud in the sky and light winds, warm spring temperatures. By the time of the shoot there was just enough light fluffy cloud cover so that the sun wasn’t too bright, but not so many as to make it dull. It was not too hot, nor too cold…………overall it was a Goldilocks day – Just Right.

I was honestly expecting a Bridezilla and nothing to go as planned…………everything went so smoothly, exactly according to plan, with a few NICE bonuses thrown in, none of the small children threw tantrums until after the wedding, no wardrobe malfunctions, no one late or missing, limos and flowers all on time, no rain, no tears (well apart from a few happy ones).

The wedding itself was low key, informal, relaxed, joyous and a happy occasion, with lots of laughs thrown in, I felt very privileged to be there. It was certainly interesting being on the working side of a wedding, as opposed to a guest, my own wedding or one I helped arrange (My Daughters). As the photographer, I found everyone helpful and kind and also took their cue from me; were the bridal party ready for their entrance music, for the ceremony, for the cars, for the first dance, the cake etc etc………….I never realised how much a vital part I would play on their day. It was a little surreal (and a little bit scary).

After the ceremony we had all the formal family shots, Bride and groom with parents, grandparents, the whole family, a massive group shot, etc etc………….then the Bridal Party split with me and we really began to have fun…………some nice shots, but a lot more playful shots, we all had a ball; they all consumed a few bottles of champagne. Eventually I cleared them all out and I just had the Bride and Groom…….I allowed them a little time to relax, re connect and I managed to get some truly beautiful and romantic shots.


DSC_8178-Edit-EditWe finished up with plenty of time to get to the reception……….trust me there was already a party happening in the back of the limo! So I pulled an ACE out of my sleeve. Just down the road from the reception venue was a skate park………..all that concrete, perfect for some arty farty shots!(this is where scouting ahead of time was really very useful). We got there and there were kids everywhere with bikes, boards etc; so I sent the couple in the middle and asked the kids to (Be Careful) but ride around the couple! [Sorry some of these are the same shots from yesterdays post]

Apart from the card failure; how typical – you hear of these things happening but you just never expect to actually happen to you, thank Goodness my camera does a backup! Everything else went perfect, the speeches, the first dance, the cake cutting, everyone at the reception was happy to get the photo taken, several were coming up and asking for more shots with XXXX, who they haven’t seen in forever. Eventually Moth and I made our escape; we were both exhausted, it is a very long day being a Wedding Photographer, it was fun and interesting; but I just don’t know if I could handle doing another one. It was a little difficult being guests as well, we were both so busy we barely got to mingle, or get food or drinks. There were other times, we just had to sit for a few minutes, fortunately people came up to us to chat!

Anyway I still have to edit all the images and then present to the Bride and Groom (after the honeymoon) so I will do a follow up post with some more photos!