Spring Outings – Alowyn Gardens, Yarra Glen

Alowyn Gardens

Moth and I recently were invited to visit Alowyn Gardens in Yarra Glen with a few other ‘Togs’, we have been doing a few meet ups lately, with a particular group, lovely bunch and very social. We met mid morning, it was a overcast spring day, with bright patches of occasional sun, making shooting a tad challenging. I had looked these gardens up, as I had not previously heard of, nor visited them before and I was excited about getting the wisteria arch ways in particular.

There was walk ways, a parterre garden, a formal garden, lawns, poppy fields, birch forest, it was all perfect but for one small flaw; we had missed the height of the wisteria and lavender flowering; such a shame, there was still the few remnants, but it must have been amazing a week or so ago. There were hundreds of peony poppy and water iris to make up for it. We had a lovely time and took way too many photos. I will leave it here with a long gallery of just a few of my favourite pics!

til next time……….happy snapping