Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge – Week 5, Leading Lines

Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge, it’s Week 5, Leading Lines.  Most leading lines are fairly straight.  They can be placed in any direction in your photo.  For this exercise, I just want your eye to be trained to see and define leading lines.

Your Turn

Let’s try to keep your lines fairly simple and obvious.  And don’t use crossed lines, because they break up the viewer’s concentration.

Exercise:  Show us 4 to 6 leading lines photos.  These photos should have fairly straight lines.

OK so here are my Simple Straight lines for this Leading Edge post, just to prove that they are almost anywhere I have selected roads, gardens, nature and of course man made.

Extra credit for Gold Star Award

Show at least two photos of lines that have a slight curve or “S” curves.  This a different kind of leading line than the straight one, but it still takes your eye through your photo

And just to round (no pun intended) it out, here are some ‘S’ curves as well

Til next time, happy snapping………..