This n That – Wedding Shoot Follow Up

Last week IΒ wrote about about getting ready for the Wedding (sorry it’s kind of obsessive when I look back at some posts) you can view it here. I thought I would write a follow up piece and add to the list.

1/ Make a packing list for yourself………….honestly I thought I packed everything; I forgot the reflector (I used the day before on another portrait sitting) and forgot to repack it, also I had bought an old gold coloured frame for a few key shots of the bridal party……….I also left that at home. Luckily I got away we not having either.

2/ Dress comfortably (I cannot stress that enough) you get into some pretty weird poses…….I had a top on that kept riding up, when ever I bent over (not a good look), also I did not have enough pockets!!

3/ Don’t forget the sunscreen! It wasn’t too bad, but I did end up a little sunburnt! That Aussie Sun can be a scorcher, even in Spring.

4/ Ask for a complete run down (in writing of the days events), I found out (from the Celebrant) 2 seconds before it happened about a lock ceremony and balloon release, I didn’t have my wide angle set up ready to go in time………..I never in knew about it (actually I have never even seen it done before) and the couple just went ‘Oops, sorry we forgot to mention that part’. Luckily I had on my trusty 18-200mm so it was also OK.

5/ The Bride really wanted a photo with both her elderly Grandmothers (But did not tell me until it was too late………..Grandmothers had been taken off the shooting list as they were not going, I was not told about the change of plans), however by the time I had finished the group shots etc, one Grandmother had already left………..if I knew about it before hand I would have done things differently.

6/ Test & clean everything before hand, cards, lens, filters etc etc. A) you just want have time on the day B) you don’t want failures [it would not have helped my failure of the card, however]

7/ Which brings me to the next item, get new SD Cards for big events, and make sure your camera (if it can do it) is set to back up not overflow! Format the Cards prior to use, perhaps even do a quick trial run of non important shots (hubby, kids, dogs, backyard etc) to make sure all is OK.

8/ This may sound egotistical, but be confident in your photography, I was worried about so many small details, however I had faith in my ability to take great photos, this was NOT something I was worried about. If you have no faith in yourself then things would become a lot harder from the start. I knew as long as nothing mechanical went wrong, everything would be great. The couple need to have complete confidence in your abilities as well. If you don’t convey confidence in your ability, they will loose confidence and that will make everything harder. Hey they have never done a wedding shoot before, but YOU have taken photos before, you’re the one in control here!

Well that’s about it……….til next time, happy snapping,