Fabulous Friday – Happy Anniversary to Me

Can you believe it, my first post was 29th October 2014! Wow, what an amazing, awesome and fun filled 12 months it has been. I have met so many people, learnt so many things and have been guided in directions I never thought I would have seen myself 12 months ago. Some things haven’t changed; I still have Moth, my two wonderful daughters, my fabulous Son-in-Law, all my animals – Chloe, Buddy, Teddy, Zorro, Crush and Sheldon.

But I have changed and grown myself, my interests, my photography, my artistic skills, all thanks in part to writing that one simple post and enrolling in Blogging101, way back then. That in turn led me to meet many wonderful people and push myself through various challenges.

I now have over 400 readers, I thank you all; for your comments, words of encouragement, as well as your wonderful posts, that have inspired me, made me laugh, occasionally made me cry, sent shivers up my spine and made me giggle at myself – I thank you all. I have had over 17,000 views, more than 6,000 visitors and written over 700 posts! Wow where did I find the time 🙂

I have enjoyed so many different challenges, taken charge of my learning by enrolling, reader, watching and expanding my brain in all things photographic and artistic imagery; but still have a long way to go. Life is learning, challenging oneself, through the ups and downs.

I will leave you all here with a gallery of images from way back when, here’s hoping for another wonderful, fun filled year.

Til Next time, happy snapping….