Manic Mondays

A bit of a strange one this week, I am in the middle of a four day weekend, we have spent so much time behind the camera, I have not had much time to edit anything………I will have posts and photos to follow I promise.

36 Weeks
36 Weeks

Thursday – My Mummy to be Unexpectedly had Bubs 3 weeks early, a little boy, both doing really well, will post pics soon. So we got 36 week photos but that is as far we we got!

Friday Night a group of us Togs met up in the City for a sunset shoot over the Yarra River at Swanston Street Bridge (a favourite spot of mine), Moth and I decided it was high time to try out out newly acquired Hitech Filters. First cab off the rank, Moth’s battery was flat, and we forgot the spare, no one else had a spare to fit, so he didn’t get to play 😦 . Then I tried and tried with my ND Filter and all I got was black! ISO 100, F/9, 30 secs – 3 mins and I seemed to get nothing. I brought them all home and loaded in Lightroom to see what I did get, I was pleasantly surprised (the exif data is all wrong – not sure why on that?). There is quite a bit of HDR like halo, but I think it is because the images were so dark, and I had to bring the exposure up A LOT!

I must say I was quite happy for a first attempt, need to practice more. Oh and the Sunset? Not worth the effort, but that blue hour was great!

Saturday We were back in the city again, for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Festival, actually we were not impressed, nothing like it claimed to be, just a House Party Nightclub really, we had a wander, took some photos and then left. We decided as we were already dressed up for Halloween we would wander the streets to see what we would find! Well we found lots of people, buskers, street performers and entertainers, musicians and Zombies……………yes folks I said Zombies!

Just one of the few Melbourne will be hosting for the next few days, it’s OK they were on leads and had security guards!

Sunday – Was a quiet day, housework, cleaning, cooking, and editing…………so nothing really exciting; except I did go and visit My New Mummy and got to meet Bubs…….so that was nice.

Monday – Today we are off on more adventures & Tonight we are meeting up with some Togs and are doing another sunset shoot, hopefully we get a better sunset!

Anyway, til next time, happy snapping…….