This n That – 1st World Problems, New Cars

Now before you get up in my face about 1st World Problems………..I know in the scheme of things this is not vitally important nor even considered necessary. I’m not claiming to save people from starvation, end poverty, stop wars and generally bring peace and love to mankind.

My Problem is to do with the new car – what do I nickname the new car? [I think I’m going to stick with Betty Boo, even though Moth hates it] and How on earth do I remember the number plate? We have a new system for number plates, it used to be 3 letters then 3 numbers; I had a great acronym for my old car……….now it’s number, letter, letter, number, letter, letter.  maybe I should just get personalised number plates? JULZ (I know that one is already taken). My number plate does have an FU in it, moth and the girls have already come up with THAT one………but how do I remember the rest? My brain is not good with random! Moth has come up with a rather rude anagram……..I wont repeat it here, I can remember most of it, but it’s the order?

Then there is the issue of where to put everything? I had a little slot I put emergency coins in, the garage remote, a spot for my sun glasses, another spot for Moth’s Sunglasses……..the Maps, the CDs (actually I don’t really need them now I have USB Media), my phone, my handbag, if I put it on a seat the seat sensor complain the seatbelt is not done up (it all seems a bit silly doesn’t it). I guess I am used to things being a certain way and now I have to change it all around. I am also one of those silly women (apparently) that has small stuffed animals on the parcel shelf in the back window…………..well I don’t have a parcel shelf anymore! Probably just as well, if I am being totally honest those animals are looking a bit threadbare, sunburnt and grubby….might be best just to bin them :-).

Next issue is parking, it SHOULD be a breeze, my new car is smaller; with parking sensors and parking assist, a tighter (smaller) turning circle. But I am so damn used to the old car and the alarms & beepers going off telling me I am getting too close is distracting. I know, I know I’ll get used to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my new car, I spent a great deal of time deciding which one was just for me, I had angst over the colour choices, the accessories, I spent a great deal of time waiting for it as well. And now it’s mine, all mine. No One has ever driven it before (well apart from on the ship, off the ship, to the deliver or whatever). it hadn’t even done 10kms. It has that new car smell (actually that kind of gives me a headache, so I got a smelly thing! arrrrrrrggggggggg sacrilege you say!)

The next is the worry, you know the what if someone parks too close, scratches it with a shopping trolley, car door, a thousand other possibilities. It’s like having a newborn baby, handling with such delicate care. That first scratch is always the hardest. Honestly my Camry has so many tiny marks and scratches I don’t even bother checking anymore. In 10 – 15 years time I wont be bothered with them on the new Subaru either; they are kind of like laugh lines and stretch marks……..they tell a life story, travels, family outing and fun times we have shared. I am actually really excited about this new stage, it’s a new chapter in our lives. So may adventures we are yet to take. It’s just that the first few steps are scary!

Safe and happy travels, and may no one hit you (or me) with a shopping trolley!