PhotoRehab Cover Makeover – The Romantic Manifesto by Ayn Rand

PhotorehabΒ Cover Makeover this week is a book by Ayn Rand, the Romantic Manifesto, I must confess to not being familiar with this author, so I followed Lucile & Desley’s links for a little research. After some thought I decided that I wanted to base the book’s cover on an artistic journey of life and rebirth. I have done another piece recently called The Beauty Within, which I also featured a butterfly; there is something tangible and beautiful in a butterfly. However it is brief, a continual struggle for continuing survival. From Larvae, to caterpillar to butterfly and back again. Perhaps not necessarily what the book is entirely about, but I wanted to keep the simplicity. I did two versions, I am not sure which one I prefer, I kind of like the dirty grungy version, but the clean simple one is more like the original; so I put both!

Julie Powell_ Manifesto_1 Julie Powell_ Manifesto_2

Wow, I really got a bit arty farty all hippy on the text above, sometimes I look too deeply into something I am working on, sometimes I just play. I guess I got deep on this one!

Anyway, til next time………..Happy snapping, creating, blogging or what ever else takes your fancy!