Friday Flowers – Protea Update

A few months ago I did a Friday Flower post on the Protea bursting into flower in my back yard. It had just started to open (finally) when I took this image a week or so ago and thought I’d share it with an update and an imageĀ from the original post from when it started to flower from way back in August! Yep it’s still the same flower!

ProteaThis last one was from about 2 weeks ago………..just starting to open up.

Now it is completely open – Impressive huh, it is huge!!!! There is also one other flower on it, but not as impressive, but still very pretty. But that’s it, only the two……… don’t get many flowers, but boy do they last a long time!



I put a pen on it to emphasise just how huge this flower head is!

This last one is the original from back in August, I’ll try to remember to take some more photos before it’s gone for good. Til next time, happy snapping………