Manic Mondays

A Bit of a mixed bag this week, no really shoots since last weekend, I was supposed to attend a Zombie Shuffle yesterday, but my Mum had a nasty fall and broke her wrist and is in hospital (she will be fine), my knee was really bothering me as well so we decided not to go. Sorry to everyone who has been looking forward to the post, but there will be no more zombie posts for the moment.

I have decided that my PC needed an upgrade, and I am switching to Windows 10, so bear with me, while I sort myself out. I will be updating Lightroom and Photoshop while I am at it…………so mass confusion and some big changes. Despite the fact (or because of it) that I understand computers very well, they still frustrate me no end. When they are all working well, they are fabulous, but they they misbehave they are worse than naughty children!

Not much on this week, just same old, same old…….but I am sure something will come up, it usually does. I will leave it here for now, I am being a touch naughty, these images are actually not mine, they belong to Moth………….I thought I might feature his work. These were from Marysville a few months ago (they may look familiar)

Til next time happy snapping………