Playing with Photoshop CC15

Dr Jekyl???????
Dr Jekyl???????

I got a few hours to myself last night (such a rarity), sure I could have taken the dogs for a walk, watched some TV, even read a book, or simply sat in the garden and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee. But I am a photographer/graphic artist, so I got on the PC! God I’m hopeless 🙂 Anyway I had been wanting to play with am image I took a few weeks back. One of those random, didn’t even realise what the photo was til I looked at it in lightroom; back shot of Moth walking away, reminded me at the time of Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde. So with my new PC, New Photoshop CC15 and newly re-installed Wacom Tablet I set about playing. Firstly I converted to B&W, and removed some of the people in the background, added some Light beams and smoke haze, added some actual lights, painted the red back on the Hat, and additional smoke. I then added a textured layer over the top, lastly added a dark vignette and a new Watermark. Oh I also created some new watermarks! What do you think?


Anyway here is the first draft or version so to speak, still perhaps needs a little more work, but I feel like I am finding my feet again. Especially with the tablet, I used to use it all the time, then it started behaving erratically and I just stopped!


I still need to import a few other bits and pieces for PS, but I am getting there slowly. I didn’t realise just HOW Much stuff I had loaded and use all the time!

Til next time, happy snapping, and playing……..