Tuesday’s Tales – Upgrading the old PC

So for reasons I can’t seem to remember (I swear they were good ones too, well at the time anyway!) I decided to upgrade my PC, upgrade to Windows 10, Upgrade Lightroom and Photoshop………..ALL…AT…THE…SAME…TIME! I know what I am doing (isn’t that usually when we fall flat on our faces?) I had everything backed up, all my fav presets, filters, fonts, actions and of course all my photos and important documents.

Windows 10, isn’t so bad I guess, it has some advantages over Windows 8, which I honestly did not like, it made no sense and I could never find anything. That will just toddle along, I pin everything I need to the taskbar, so I have no need to venture to far into windows. It took awhile but I eventually located my Fonts folder!

Photoshop CC15, so far so good, I have loaded all my fonts, figured out how to re import my actions again! I have apparently lost my watermark brushes? But I was thinking of making some new ones anyway! But I cannot seem to load my Nik effects programs within PS; Silver Efex, Colour Effex and HDR Effex – those three are my favourites! I want them back!!! I will try re installing from scratch. AGAIN.

Lightroom CC15, this is where it all falls down! I have not hit panic stations yet, I have nothing to really edit this week, plus I still have Photoshop. But I cannot open any of my old Lightroom files, even though I back up within Lightroom itself, and it cannot see ANY of my RAW Images. I cannot seem to figure the stupid thing out, windows and things keep popping up and being utterly annoying!!

I need to sort this out soon, as I have photo shoots coming up this weekend, sure I can steal Moth’s PC and edit on his, but I do not like the way his monitor, chair, mouse and PC are all set up!

Wacom Tablet – I think I may have mentioned in a previous post about some online tutorials I have done within some Photoshop courses I am doing. Anyway there was a short course on getting the most out of your Wacom Tablet, mine has been behaving radically lately, so I felt this was a good time to start from scratch as well. I loaded the new software on the new PC, and loaded it all up in Photoshop, Lightroom and just general use. It was actually a very good short course, covered everything, even stuff I thought I knew, I even celebrated by putting in a new nib………I never realised until it was pointed out (how and why to change a nib), just HOW worn mine actually was. If you have a tablet or are considering getting one the Dave Cross Introduction to Wacom Tablets was excellent and Free if you do the Selections, Channels and Masks course.

I don’t have any images for you today, not till I get a little more set up, hopefully by next week I’ll have it all figured out! Til next time, happy snapping……..


P.S. The new you beaut PC has a HiRes screen for working on my photos and art and a 4gb Graphics Card……….So I am excited to play with all that!