2 Horses, 1 day of Magic – Revisited with Photoshop Magic

A fellow Blogger, Tom von Kapherr from Back Home in Bromont, wrote an interesting post, with some truly lovely images of a model with some horses; 3 Horses, 1 day of Magic. I love horses and these images sparked something creative in me I guess and I presumptuously offered to create some photoshop magic on a couple of them (only half jokingly). Tom liked the idea and sent over a few images, so I guess we have a collaboration in the mix, original images by Tom von Kapherr and Post Production done by Me! Hence the ‘Moon Dreaming’ logo on two – which I altered considerably! Of course they are still Tom’s photos, but now I guess they are mine too 🙂

I wanted to create a soft dreamy feel to them, which I did in version 1, then I took them a step further and brought in a fantasy type feel, with different forests (one in Australia & one is Free stock photo). One I warmed up dramatically (the model looked quite cold lol) the other I added a further haziness and dreamy quality.

I always worry about going too far, or not far enough with someone else’s images, my vision, may not match theirs (often it does not) and I do not want them to feel I did not like their images; of course I do, they sparked something to begin with! It’s so nice to get images that I would normally never get to play with, and with the photographers blessing to fiddle with the images.

So thank you Tom, it was wonderful, I hope you like them……………I hope to collaborate with you, and perhaps other photographers again soon. Don’t forget to visit Tom’s BHIB Page for more wonderful images.

Til next time, happy snapping……….