Spring Outings – Princes Pier (Take 2)

Last week I was lucky enough to enjoy a four day weekend, Yay: it was glorious! Anyway we spent most of it out and about town with various friends and outings and of course took lots and lots of photos. On the Monday evening we met up with some fellow Togs for a sunset/night time shoot at Princes Pier, the idea was that there were several large cruise ships docked for the Melbourne Cup; the following day. We could hopefully get some great reflections from all the lights in the Bay. It was very cold, blustery evening; almost unbearable after a unseasonably warm weekend. The sunset was brief but there was one quick flicker of brilliant colour, just after the sun dropped below the horizon, I only just manage to capture it…….the lights from the ship were many and some reflections were found, however all in all it was a bit too light!

It did give me a chance to play with my Formatt Hitech filters again, this time I had more success. I even managed to get a Graduated ND Filter in at the same time as my Hard ND filter……….there for greatly increasing the exposure time, without blowing out the high lights in the sky. I love the worn out pylons from the remains of the old pier (This is where Moth dropped the camera, if you remember the incident from way back then!).

Anyway I’ll leave you with the pics……..until next time, happy snapping…….