One Four Challenge – November Week 3

November Week 3 challenge run by Nic –  I wanted to step things up a bit for myself this week. I have been learning a lot lately about the way I approach a piece of art, and it is art, not just photography. I see this challenge as a way to learn and grow, I get inspired by others’ ideas and art as well. I wanted to take my simple image and transform it into something else, not just make the image look different. I got the idea for this from something I saw on TV, (nothing to do with art or photography) I saw some old pictures on a shed wall and it sparked the beginnings of what I ended up with. Sometimes it’s difficult to give a full account of what transpired during an edit………. I basically took the truck image and created three Polaroid looking photos, I treated and aged each slightly different, I then dirtied them all a bit and put up against a rusted shed wall, added a timber bench in the foreground. I then had the idea of making hand-written notes and attaching them with paper-clips.This was all done in Photoshop, I guess you could say I had a bit of fun playing around! 🙂 I did a version with some mason jars and pencils, but I just could not seem to make them sit right on the bench, so I removed them. Click below to see the original and last two week’s edits and the original.

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Til next time, happy snapping…….