Tuesday’s Tales or When will the violence stop?

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on things when so much ‘bad’ is happening around you. We Humans have been on this planet for a while now, and for as much as we have ‘evolved’ and moved forward technologically, we really have not evolved much past the killing each other phase. Sure the technology used to kill each other is more advanced, but in the overall scheme of things, is it really so different from using spears………guns and bombs are just more effective, the barbaric thoughts behind the use are the same!

Just because we grieve for one atrocity does not mean we grieve any less for the others, it’s just that there is so much, sometimes we become numb to it all and it takes one ‘close to home’ to make us take stock. People yell and scream their disgust, their outrage; I am still just numb, shocked, but numb……………when will the violence ever end? It is violent, shocking and senseless………….doesn’t Mother Nature cause enough loss of life, that we have to kill more? I often find myself just shrugging, because I know it will never end.

I am an atheist, for a damn good reason, I am sorry to say it but religion causes a lot of wars. Is your God really any better than theirs? My Believes are as valid as yours, but when your beliefs ask you to kill innocent  people for your God, is that really a God you want? Honestly I don’t care what colour your skin is, if you believe in a God (any God), if you are male or female, straight, homosexual or bi………..I really don’t care what country you come from, your cultural beliefs, how much money you do, or don’t have, or what job you do…………….if you are nice to me, then I will be nice to you! It’s that simple.

I do not hate you because you like oranges more than bananas. I would never start a war because I am envious of your house or car (or whatever). Please don’t tell me I am over simplifying this……….I AM, because so many are complicating the issues…………STOP KILLING PEOPLE! There is no excuse………..I’m sorry but it is as simple as that.

We are all different, that is what makes us interesting, if we were all the same, just clones it would make life so boring wouldn’t it? This planet is a big melting pot, with lots of different spices, that make it all so good…………please don’t poison it for everyone else.

That is all, rant over…………..thanks for reading and in the words of nananoyz…………….peace people.