One Four Challenge – November, Week 4

This Week’s One Four Challenge image has so many stops and starts, twists and turns, layers, masks, adjustments, textures, additions, blends……….you name it. It literally evolved on the canvas as it were. I think it is to date one of the most ambitious projects I have attempted, and I love it! It’s kind of a blast from the past, although the truck was probably used more as farm equipment than travelling the country way back when!

Week 4
Week 4

Well I hope you enjoyed my post productions this month, I feel that I have explored a more artistic side to this image and have stretched and challenged myself as well, and isn’t that the point? Please see below Gallery for the rest of the images.

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Seeing as we get an extra ‘week’ so to speak I might sneak in another post, I am still yet to do a B&W version! We’ll see. Til next time, happy snapping and safe travels………..