Photoshop Artistry – Part 4

Never one to do things by halves, when I decide to do something I jump in head first and usually give 110% (sure, sure it’s a mathematical impossibility, but I specialise in that!) So when I saw and then signed up for the Photoshop Artistry Course (which is roughly 26 weeks) I launched myself into, as well as a few additional course to boot!

I have learnt so much after 3 Modules, it’s amazing, already have I seen my skills and art grow, I am still working my way through the various Weekly Challenges. Module 4 encompassed more on reading material and things to ponder about, like marketing, social media, to sell or not to sell, pricing, elements of composition and various other things. One was entitled ‘Taking your Time’ ,Β maybe I should go re read it lol. Therefor there is no real assignments as such for this module. It has given me the courage to put my art more out ‘there’, ask for what I believe in, accept praise which I believe I am due, to stop listening to the naysayers (whether they feel threatened, challenged, or are just plain bullies), I do not need them, I have my own voice, through my art.

Challenge 12 – Your “Artist Card” or Canvas Display Card
Challenge 13 Β – Summer and Winter
Challenge 14 – The Lost Page of a Secret Childhood Journal
Challenge 15 – Conveying a Story of Loss
Challenge 16 – A Powerful New Habit or Change

Between the freebies from this course (and there a loads) and other stuff I have created, accumulated and even bought, I now have a huge back catalogue of fonts, textures, backgrounds, layers etc. As well as the skills to use them all, I am excited about what the future will bring. I would like to say a special thanks to those who encouraged me to take the leap which they had done. I am sure I will re-visit various Module elements, from time to time to brush up on skills; it really is a fabulous resource to have. I have also signed up already for Awake 2016 (the follow up course), I cannot wait! Thanks for following my journey.