Manic Mondays

Things are starting to fall into place for the final mad dash to Christmas. I ran a Christmas photo session for kids on the weekend, set up a heap of lights and props in the studio, made everything very Christmas bling-bling.

And if all that wasn’t hectic enough on Sunday me and my Daughters thought the Fur babies needed their Christmas photos done too!

Xmas 2015-7

HuffleI also have a new weapon in my arsenal, his name is Huffle the Hedgehog. He’s a hand puppet, so far the slightly older kiddies love him, the newborns don’t seem terribly excited – tough crowd those newborns, very hard to please. Although my latest little angel seems to like Christmas lights and cow bells? Anyway, back to Huffle, I bought him to get kid’s attention, I am still to master the use of him with my left hand (still need my right to shoot, even using a remote).

Not much more to say, here’s hoping you all have a brilliant week, til next time, Happy Snapping………..