Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?

I used to write every single day a post in relation to the Daily Post Prompt; but then somewhere along the way the Post seem to get a little lost. Occasionally I see other bloggers writing something interesting or insightful and think maybe I should take another look. But, I then get sidetracked with other things; I seldom write for the sake of writing these days, but I digress.

When I was 10 I was into reading and ponies and drawing and playing with my friends, barely past Barbie dolls and not yet heading into my teens, they call it Tweens these days. I cannot remember wanting to be anything really; I did not want to be a movie star, I did not want to be a ballerina (already tried it and didn’t like it that much), Fireman was of no interest, nor was astronaut nor policeman (woman). I had just come back from a long extended trip through Europe with my Family and was happy just to be home, with my friends and my cat.

If anything did spark my interest it was archaeology, some of you may remember from earlier posts I was caught up in the adventure and excitement of Ancient Egypt by a teacher who had recently been there and this sparked a life long passion; however I am still yet to travel there. I did not have the scientific or mathematical prowess to excel in this field and I eventually let the idea drop.

I liked to draw, to paint, I guess I got that from my Mother and my Grandfather – both were artists, I also have several cousins who are also artists; I guess it runs in my blood. I never thought I would ‘DO’ anything with it, I dabbled with various mediums as an adult. I ran a Folk & Decorative Art Studio for awhile. But I found I was creating because I had to, not because I wanted to. I lost focus and moved on. I have not even picked up a brush in such a long time now.

Then when my children got older I went back to work, doing various things and ended up in the company I still work for today. Someone saw something in Me, I worked, studied and moved through the ranks, was given other responsibilities, developed my talents in graphical elements and became what I am today; a graphic artist.

As with most jobs these days that revolve around PCs, or the internet, Smart Phones etc, they were never even thought of when I was a kid, it was all Science Fiction and even though I am a big Sci-Fi fan now, I was not as a kid (until I saw my first Star Wars Movie! But that is another story). So I would never have imagined my job, it was pie in the sky stuff. Even when I left school, I worked in the TV industry for many years, in various departments; but usually involving film and then video tape. Whether it was recording TV Shows, adverts, editing, put shows to air (loading the film and or tapes), in a way it was still creative (sort of). I Did want to be a camera woman at one stage, but back then they were all men, the cameras were too heavy for us mere womenfolk!

As a child I would never have thought I would become so enamoured, so fascinated by the world of photography, this is recent. I spent my life moving from one thing to another, never really finding myself as it were. Now my hobby as an extremely over keen, enthusiastic amatuer photographer seems to fit that title, will it be forever? Who knows, but for now I relish every moment behind the camera or if front of the PC.