Tuesday’s Tales – It’s Christmas

I love Christmas, especially here in Australia, we have our own unique take on it; mashed up from dozens of traditions and cultures from around the world. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, my Blog will be full of it, so be prepared. I won’t apologize for my enthusiasm, it’s been another year of sadness and atrocities in the world and I for one am over it and would like to freely smile and enjoy this time of year with friends and family.

Firstly we don’t get snow (well not normally, however I think we got it last year – it was so cold and miserable!), it’s Summer down here and that means BBQs and the beach and pool parties and icy cold cocktails and picnics. We will be spending time with many get togethers for any of the above with various family and friends. It will be a sad year in one way my Son in Law (SIL) is being posted away from us for the next three years, so he will not be with us for much of this Christmas, but we will have him for a few weeks before he leaves. At this point my Daughter will move back in with us…….that will be strange for her and us, she got used to having her husband in the same state for the last three years and will have to adjust to a long distance marriage again, while she finishes her studies. I hope it is not too much of a strain……..long distance is never easy and it is not for everyone, but somehow they always made it work in the past.

Christmas Day itself will be fairly quiet, we usually wake the Girls these days, unlike when they were young, the squeals of delight as they discover what Santa left for them usually woke us up before dawn, even though they were told not to wake us before daylight or 7am (once they learned to tell the time!). I miss those days, and can’t wait for Grandkids. A lot of the joy, fun and excitement disappear from Christmas when there are no little kids around. There are no little kids in our street either. I remember all the kids in the street Christmas morning show their new toys, so much fun and excitement.

My Parents will be joining us for lunch, as usual; probably a BBQ, just a small quiet get together, with my girls. Then we may visit Moth’s Sister’s and her Family……..there are some nieces and nephews we have not seen for awhile. Then a tradition in my family is the big get together just after Christmas with my Dad’s family……….always my favourite! There is not much left of my Mum’s side, and we don’t really see my Uncle these days. It’s funny Christmas Day itself is not that exciting (well not with all the fun of kids opening toys), I am not religious either, but it’s the build up, the lights, the Christmas Cheer on everyone’s faces, it’s all the parties and catching up with friends, the Christmas lights, the gorgeous decorations – that’s what I love.

We are also going away (I hope – If my Knee holds up) for a long awaited trip down the Great Ocean Road, to see some truly breath taking and amazing Australian Coastline………like no where else on earth. This is rugged and beautiful terrain and the scene of many ship wrecks, so I will finally be able to finish my Victorian Lighthouses and Shipwrecks that I started writing earlier in the year. This is what Betty the SUV is for! (among other things), although a last minute spanner in the works; Moth said if the weather looks bad we could always go back to New Zealand. WHAT? are you kidding me go back……can I get a 10 days trip to NZ planned in 2 weeks? I got told “no more holidays, you just bought a new car’ and now this…………..oh decisions, decisions. It’s torture!


or This……….

I have babbled on long enough, I tend to get nostalgic at this time of year, I wish you all Season’s Greeting, Peace and Goodwill, and Joy to the World, for we ALL Need it.

How do you Celebrate Christmas?