One Photo Focus – December

Well, isn’t this just a little special, this month’s One Photo Focus, hosted by Stacy at Visual Venturing, is ME! Stacy put the call out for people to send her offerings for the months ahead, I sent through a few different images and after a little bit of discussion Stacy picked this one.

Julie Powell December One Photo FOcus

Now I could have taken the month off :-), but Stacy insisted I had to do an edit too!!

So I cropped the image to focus on the main tulip, did a few adjustment layers to darken the background and pull the flower more into focus, then I added two textured layers, one for the paper texture and one for the frame and vignette to the sides. Then I ran it through Topaz Labs (new toys people, yay!) and ran a watercolour effect, of which I tampered with the settings a little. I then added my watermark and voila! Here is my editDecember OPF-1

I can’t wait to see what everyone else does with this. It is strange to have the shoe on the other foot, I love to play with other people’s images (with their consent of course), but I have never had anyone work with one of mine! to Check out the other edits head to Stacy’s page.

Anyway, til next time, happy snapping……..