Photorehab Cover Maker Over – Challenge 20

Yay! Lucile & DJ are back and so is the Cover Makeover. Challenge 20 is the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben; I have heard of it, but not read it.

“The Happiness Project is one of the most thoughtful works on happiness to have emerged from the recent explosion of interest in the subject. Rubin weaves together philosophy, scientific research, history, analysis, and real-life experiences as she explains what worked for her—and what didn’t. Her conclusions are sometimes counter-intuitive – for example, she finds that money can buy happiness, when spent correctly – but they resonate with readers of all backgrounds.”

More info on this book can be found here.

So firstly, I thought about what would make me happy (not having read the book) and I figured about having no time constraints, Being out with nature and being in control of my life (like that REALLY happens).

  • So I started with an urban concrete / dirty marble background
  • I added a clock face and removed the hands
  • I added a butterfly instead of the clock hands, and then…
  • I thought hands! So put it all in the palm of my hand!
  • I then added the Title using a new font called Betty Noir from 1001Fonts.
  • I was not totally happy with how the bottom text looked on it’s own, so I added a banner underneath.
  • I then added some drop shadows and did a Poster edge Filter for an edgier more cartoonish feel.

The Happiness Project

I feel happy just looking at the cover now, I might have to get myself a copy to read over Summer. Can’t wait for next week, glad to have you back ladies!!


13 thoughts on “Photorehab Cover Maker Over – Challenge 20

  1. I simply love your cover, Julz. I love that you made it personal and that made all the difference.
    It is beautiful and I can easily see the passion you apply to make it.
    Stunning! And yay!! Speedy Gonzalez is back! Good to be back too and to be with you here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow I love this. It looks like a real cover. Fabulous. I love the idea of putting your time in your own hands. That is happiness indeed. We should all read it and report back 😉 Thanks for being our number 1 supporter. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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