Tech Talk – Step Up Rings

If you are anything like me, whether a raw newbie or maybe you have been shooting for a while, there are some strange pieces of kit; that you just are not sure what they are, how to use them and well……… are they necessary? One of these are step up (or some call them step down rings).

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These are actually really cool piece of kit, if you are strapped for cash, you can buy these quite cheap (all 8 pieces pictured for US$6.79 from AliExpress) you can then attach them onto various lenses and share a single filter.

These screw onto a particular size lens say a 52mm and then using the size up or even 2 or 3 you can then place a 72mm filter on a 52mm lens, or a 82mm filter on a 72mm lens etc. They are usually made from aluminum, are small and lightweight (like a filter), you can also add rings on top of rings, although I doubt I would use too many it would possibly become unstable. I am being slightly naughty here, and using other people’s images (They were advertising products to buy so it should be OK, and I have linked them). I only own and use a 82-72mm step up, I bought it individually for a few dollars on Ebay, I did not buy a whole kit, so it looks a little unimpressive.

Image from B&H
Image from B&H

To use them you just screw the ring onto the end of you lens (like you would normally a filter) and then you screw your filter onto the ring, like you would normally screw on the end of your lens. They are cheap, versatile and a good stop gap to having a different set of filters for each lens you own; with out too much expense. Let’s face it when a really good lens filter (ND or CPL) can cost in excess AUD$120.00, you can spend a fair bit on them, but with a ring you can buy 1 set of filters and use it on all your lenses.

Til next time happy snapping……….