Manic Mondays

Last week was exhausting, shooting, editing, deadlines & testing at work, I felt like the weekend would never come. Do you ever get weeks like that? Well the weekend come it did and I got a rare day to myself on Saturday, so I had a girly day. A touch of shopping (you know retail therapy), a few last minute Christmas presents, then off to get hair and nails done………I’m a new woman (literally; now blonde with short hair lol).

I celebrated with a rare Selfie shoot in the studio, in fact I have never done it before, it felt weird! Have you ever really looked at yourself? I took these shots and then was looking at them while editing, it was so strange. I mean I know it was Me, but I just felt it didn’t look like me? Am I really that old? I still feel (well not physically) like I’m 25!

Anyway I spent Sunday doing what was supposed to be my last portrait sessions of the year, last minute emergency with Master 10 to the ER and my last afternoon shoot is on hold…….it would have been a really fun Xmas one, so I hope I can squeeze it in before I go away on Sunday!


My first shoot bright and early Sunday morning was these three lovely kids, well I guess I can’t really call them kids; young adults……this shoot was a Christmas present for their parents, isn’t that so sweet! Lovely kids, I hope their parents are thrilled with the photos.

Well apart from possible one last shoot, I have two concerts this week; AC/DC and Elton John, then another Light Painting on Saturday, and a friend’s birthday dinner, then somewhere in there finish the editing and pack for our trip on Sunday!

I better be off! Til next time, happy snapping…….