Tuesday’s Tales – The Mirror Lies

I could ramble on about shoots from the weekend, but it was pretty much same old, same old……..Master 10 who ended up in the ER is fine, no stitches required and hopefully shoot can be re scheduled.

Instead I am going to ramble on about something else; Me. I did two posts yesterday which featured Selfies (you really don’t need to see them again, but you can if you want, click here). Were I stated that they didn’t feel like me. I got quite a few people who agreed with what I said and a few lovely people who said I looked wonderful……..honestly I thank you all!

Trust me when I say I am not a vain person, very much the opposite. I look in the mirror every morning, I brush my teeth, brush my hair, do my make-up, make sure I look presently before I head off to work; you know the usual stuff. I don’t kid myself, I an nearly 50, over weight, out of shape (well actually round is a shape isn’t it?), but overall I don’t look too bad, I suppose. AND THEN someone takes your photo. OR you are brave enough to take your own. I swear I don’t look like that in the mirror! Is the Mirror lying? They say the camera shows all, it tells the real truth, then why do all my subjects look fab-u-lous in the photos i take, as they do in real life?

We say we are our own worst critic, and I know I certainly am, but I swear that person I see in the photos is not the same one I see in the mirror. Does anyone else have this problem? Don’t get me wrong after many years of self loathing I am comfortable with myself, I am no longer my own worst enemy. I can look back on my life and see the impact I have made, I know I am a strong independant woman, I have confidence in my abilities (well mostly, I still have some reservations at times), I am a good person with a kind heart. I can sleep at night knowing this. Age does bring some comfort and some wisdom.

So WHY does the camera show this fat, frumpy, nearly 50 year old woman, I have no idea who she is? Even my hubby Moth has improved with age, he is a very handsome, distinguished gentleman, who got better with age…………it’s not fair! He says I am just as beautiful to him as they day we met, very sweet but all lies! lol Still it’s nice to hear it.

My Grandmother used to say, youth is wasted on the young – and she was right. When I was young and beautiful I didn’t enjoy it, I spent years loathing this small blemish or that, my bum was too big, my hair was too wavy, my eyes not blue enough, my nose not perfectly straight – oh what I would give to have it all back……..I would parade around knowing I looked gorgeous! Wear beautiful clothes, not the baggy sweaters and jeans I used to wear!

Oh dear, now I’m ranting; again! Oh well I am sure that I am not alone, for those of you under 40, enjoy your youth, and for those of us over 40……..enjoy life now, as we are wise enough to accept and young enough to enjoy it!

til next time, happy snapping…..