Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge – Top or Bottom Thirds

Week 10 of CCYC is using the Top or Bottom 1/3 of the Photo frame.

In most cases the top of bottom 2/3 of of my images are taken up by the main focal point, using the last 1/3 as balance, so to speak. Whether it is sky or land, my shots taken this way are generally landscapes featuring an horizon line splitting the two.

An I know they say you should NEVER place the horizon line through the middle, I have often done it to great effect, or just below or just above, I rarely do an even 1/3. Maybe this makes my images not technically perfect, but I think it works.

Sorry, but again I have used archive shots, I really need to get some fresh material, or even re visit some really old stuff, just been too busy. I promise I will make up for it soon!