Christmas Fun

OK, time for another burst of cuteness overload……….on the weekend I did a few photo shoots for various clients for Christmas Photos! I don’t do Santa, but I do, do CUTE!! I spent several days creating a Christmas Wonderland in the studio and then everyone booked for the one weekend. Slightly crazy? Yes, but it was a lot of fun!

Here are just a few of my favourites………..Xavier (1 Month) and Jordan (17 months).

And of course we cannot leave out the Fur babies!Wow, they had a ball (well the dogs did, I don’t think the cats were impressed). Generally the dogs are not allowed in the studio, so there was new smells everywhere and also chocolate chip cookies I missed from the earlier shoots! Eventually the liver treats won out and we got a few pics, honestly I don’t know who’s more work the dogs or the 17 month old. 🙂

Til next time, happy snapping……………..