Photo Rehab Cover Make Over – The Conjuring

I know Desley picked this one! One day she’ll shock us with a love story……lol.

So here is my take on The Conjuring. Ms Speedy Reporting for Duty!!


I don’t really like horror movies, I once saw 30 seconds of SAW and was physically puking my guts……….my teenagers warned me not to come in; I should have listened. Anyway on with the tale.

This is a composite of several different photos, each actually quite pleasant on their own; Autumn Full Moon through the branches of a dead tree, an old timber hut and a overexposed blurry image of a person; gently blended with different settings so all would show up. I then overlaid the window and masked out the real view allowing the new images to be seen.

Then the dripping blood, grabbed the hand print from Last years Haunted House, and added a creepy Chiller Font – Horrible isn’t it? Not very Christmassy lol………where is a Christmas Tale, or Miracle on 31st Street, or Scrooged? Bah Humbug I say, hehehehe.

Til Next week………..happy snapping,