One Four Photo – September Review

I did not really like the image I worked with in September, but I thought I saw potential. I was not overly happy with any of the edits I did, perhaps because I did not like the original as much as I thought I did, or if I was just having a flat month. But I persisted, when possibly I should not have. Eventually I ended up at Week 4, most least disliked for the month.

So now I have attempted another edit, this time I went a little off track, just for the fun of it. Let my imagination run wild.


I thought for something different I would go through the thought process behind this image.

  1. I wanted to take it into Topaz Impressions to give it a Painterly feel, I was thinking Monet (I adore Monet), but instead I ended up with Cezanne (I like his too).
  2. Then I attached it to a botched canvas image I have and masked out some of the corners to act as the ‘canvas’
  3. Then I thought it looks like a painting, perhaps I should put it on an easel. So I went looking for am image of an easel.
  4. I  do this thing with my hands sometimes, pretend to mould and or paint something I am working on, this kind of got me thinking that the I could put the easel in my hand.
  5. So I put the easel on the hand and ran that through Topaz Impression, I used a Painterly effect and tweaked the settings.
  6. Something about it reminded me a little of Van Gough’s Starry Starry Night, so I added a abstract night/stars image I have and applied a Van Gough Filter to that as well (Topaz Impressions).
  7. I then masked a few areas out on the hand and painting, creating a glow around the hand.
  8. Added a slight drop shadow around the painting, then added my Moon Dreaming watermark.

I love the whole effect, but I still don’t like the original image much! Oh Well, there is always January’s edit.

To see the original 4 edits you can visit here.

Til next time, happy snapping………