Summer Outings – Christmas Markets

Xmas 2015-1With Christmas fast approaching there are quite a few Christmas markets around, or hadn’t you noticed? Not one for sitting on the Hum Bug side of the fence, we usually go all out at Christmas time and every year I seem to add to the collection. We are on our ‘off’ year which means we visit everyone else, as opposed to everyone coming to us. Not sure which is better………I love playing the hostess and not having to go anywhere, but the mess and the preparation are a lot of hard work! But I am getting off topic here……..however we still do pretty much the whole house up (on the inside) but we never do out the front. Friends frequently ‘pop’ in to see our decorations at this time of year.

We have been out and about visiting various Craft Markets to find interesting and unusual items, as decorations and gifts. We recently went to a new a Christmas Market run by a German Community Group; there were Christmas decorations, gifts, arts & crafts and of course lots of German nibbles………cakes, chocolate, sausages and various other yummy treats. We really do enjoy¬†the¬†lively atmosphere, with music (Christmas Carols of course) and laughter and children everywhere.

Sorry, not many photos, too busy shopping and looking at the wares. Not too mention some of our excursions we are on a tight time frame.

Til next time, happy snapping…………