Manic Mondays

I’m back! Did you miss me? lol

Firstly I am sorry for all the wonderful posts and photos I missed while we were away, I occasionally jumped on while waiting for meals, coffees etc……..but apart from that I had no time, so I am sorry I am sure I missed some great posts!

We had an amazing week away and Betty Boo (Subaru) handled everything beautifully, we drove from Melbourne all along the coast until Nelson and Cape Bridgewater and then headed over to Mt Gambier in SA, then back home a much more inland route, taking in farm land and barren landscapes on Western Victoria.

I only had one fall (minor miracle), badly bruised my leg, but my knee was OK, the camera came in contact with the concrete footpath that tripped me up, but seemed to suffer no damage apart from a few scratches. I also dropped it on a cave floor (I told you such a clutz)…….also seemed to be no damaged apart from dislodging the SD Cards. Poor Moth he drops a camera once on sand and does a heap of damage and I dropped it twice on concrete and it seemed OK?

I am writing some posts about out trip and will do each day as a separate post, and then a Lighthouse and Shipwreck post for each area; once I go through all the photos! So keep an eye out for them in the new year!

here is a little taste………

We have now unpacked, done the washing (still need to wash the car – what a mess!) and are now trying to get ready for Christmas. At least I am still on holidays!

Til next time………..happy snapping