Tuesday’s Tales – The Great Ocean Road with two dodgy knees

Twelve Apostles

Well I did it, it is possible to travel and see the Great Ocean Road with two dodgy knees; but you need to pick your battles. This IS a major tourist area and many places are well marked and have great, easy access. If you can access with a wheel chair, you can get in there with dodgy knees! Mind you if you head off the beaten track looking for hidden gems, you are going to have to work hard, and possibly pay for it later.

I found the following invaluable and I could get around fairly easily in most spots;

  • a hiking/walking stick, good sturdy walking shoes
  • carry as little as possible
  • put camera on a sling, not hanging around your neck
  • tape your knees for support; if you are not sure how see a physiotherapist or sports trainer
  • stick to designated wheel chair walking tracks, where ever possible
  • use a 200 – 300mm lens (or even a 600 – 750mm although much heavier)
  • avoid lots of steep steps; honestly most of them lead to pretty sandy beaches, just that sandy beaches! (Apart from Moonlight Head, but that is ONE HELL of a battle)
  • Drink lots of water
  • Take anti-inflammatory and pain relief if required (don’t play the hero, if you need them, take them!)
  • If at all possible ice your knees at the end of the day
  • And if you can swing a room with a spa…………get it!

DSC_0269There are great vantage points from on high, and can easily be seen with a zoom lens. I skipped anything with more than a dozen steps, or with really steep gradients, climbing up is hard work, but going down is torture! Those pretty sandy beaches are more often than not, just not worth the agony you will face later.

Til next time, happy snapping……….