WPC – Now

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge has an emphasis on NOW, has busy as it has been, my Christmas Day this year was actually quiet. My Son-in-Laws last day with us was Wednesday; so that was when we had our Christmas. Woke up with presents and a big BBQ lunch, lost of food, gifts, laughs and a few drinks. πŸ™‚

Also I refused to get caught up in the Boxing Day Sales this year, last year I was bitterly disappointed and I was not impressed with the rudeness of other people (I got elbowed in the ribs and someone stood on my toes) and sales happen all year round so Boxing Day is NOTHING special anymore.

So today I played on the PC, just a few shots, I also did some house work and started going through the introduction to the new Creative B&W photography course (By Sebastian Michael who runs the Photoshop Artistry and Awake courses).

Here is just a few pics, this is what I am playing with, NOW.





Til next time, happy snapping