Great Ocean Road – Day 2

As this post goes live, the places we visited not even two weeks ago have been destroyed by bush fires, it’s hard to fathom the devastation and loss. over 100 homes are gone and many people have lost acres of land and livestock. So even as you look at the pretty pictures, please spare a thought for what these people have lost – these fires started on Christmas Day, so sad. Lorne itself has been almost completely evacuated, as has many of the areas along this stretch of coast. There is talk of actually closing the G.O.R. until further notice.

We set our alarms for early; 3:45am to give us plenty of time to drive to Cape Otway Light Station for sunrise. Which I was assured I could shoot. After the early start and long drive out there it was shut, locked up tight behind huge metal gates……….could not even see it from the car park. We walked up to the look out and only barely see the top of it. To add insult to injury it was a brilliant sunrise, which we could barely see from the car park, due to the trees! The park did not open until 10am………so we left in disgust, not wanting to waste 5 hours until it opened. I wander HOW they get all the sunrise or even sunset shots when the park closes at 5pm?

We saw lots of Koalas and Kangaroos on the drive back out. The Koalas are too numerous in this area and have eaten and stripped all the trees bare, and they are starving to death; it’s so sad. People don’t like it, but they need to do a big kull, it’s more humane in the long run.

We briefly stopped of at Maits Rest Rainforest, but it was still very early (Sun just peaking through the trees); quite dark, but we never saw any animals?

We then continued on to the official start for ship wrecks. We headed out to the secluded Moonlight Head and Gable Cove (Wreck Beach)for some relics. It is a rough 4WD track and quite rugged in some spots, but easily passable at this time of year. These are the only relics we saw in any of the locations we visited,  some items in museums etc, but nothing still on the beach. Be warned there are 440 odd extremely steep steps to get to Wreck Beach, I stayed behind (due to my knee), shots on the beach were taken by Moth! Great job huh? I taught him well! :-). The anchor and windlass are from the Marie Gabrielle.

We then continued onto and entered the Port Campbell National Park; visited Gibson’s Steps and out first look at the 12 Apostles. Another gruelling set of steps, beach shots by Moth again.

Among many scenic and famous spots we visited was; Twelve Apostles, Razorback, Loch Ard Gorge, Thunder Cave, Castle Cove, Mutton Bird Island, and various other spots of interest.

We headed over to Port Campbell to arrange out accommodation, get dinner and then we headed back out to Twelve Apostles to shoot the sunset……….we were not disappointed!